Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

15 May , 2015  

What a lovely film. More…

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Preview: Splatoon

11 May , 2015  

Pop, pop. Splat, splat. Cha-ching. More…


Review: Ex Machina

24 Apr , 2015  

Alex Garland’s directorial debut is a fantastic science fiction flick. More…

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Review: Bloodborne

9 Apr , 2015  

From Software’s exclusive PS4 title is bloody, brutal, and absolutely brilliant. More…

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GDC 2015 Roundup

8 Mar , 2015  

Having spent most of this past week at GDC, here’s some of the stuff I loved. More…


Review: Focus

3 Mar , 2015  

Will Smith returns in his first starring role in nearly three years. But don’t “focus” on the plot too much. More…

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Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition

16 Feb , 2015  

Played on PS4 (Also on PS3/X1/X360/PC)

Bioware’s latest entry in the Dragon Age series is the best effort yet. More…

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New Nintendo 3DS Impressions

13 Feb , 2015  

Here are my initial thoughts on the New Nintendo 3DS, as well as my first couple hours with The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D. More…


Review: A Most Violent Year

2 Feb , 2015  

J.C. Chandor knocks it out of the park, once again. More…

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List of Shame: The Swapper

15 Jan , 2015  

Played on PS4/Vita (Also on PS3 / PC / Mac / Linux / Wii U)

The Swapper is one of the smartest, most atmospheric puzzle games you can play. More…