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Review: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

13 May , 2015  

Played on PS4 (Also on Xbox One & PC)

Will killing Nazis ever get old?  More…

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Review: Bloodborne

9 Apr , 2015  

From Software’s exclusive PS4 title is bloody, brutal, and absolutely brilliant. More…

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GDC 2015 Roundup

8 Mar , 2015  

Having spent most of this past week at GDC, here’s some of the stuff I loved. More…

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Review: The Order: 1886

23 Feb , 2015  

Poor pacing and limited amounts of gameplay hinder this otherwise wonderful game. More…

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List of Shame: Tearaway

15 Aug , 2014  

List of Shame is a new feature I’ll be posting where I’ll gradually scratch movies, games, shows and more off my dreadfully long backlog of great things I’ve missed out on. In light of the Gamescom news that a PS4 edition is on the way, I’ll start with the beloved Vita game, something I just finished, Tearaway. More…

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Buy Hype, Sell Low

14 Aug , 2014  

Gamer attention is practically a force all on its own. A giant, slobbering, gibbering monster that crashes into storefronts and servers and consumes with the rabid single-mindedness that can’t help but draw parallels to zombie apocalypses or global epidemics. More…