Are Movies Becoming Glorified Video Games?

28 Oct , 2014  

Is it just me or does it seem like a lot of movies have started to steal their ideas from video games? More…

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Review: Bayonetta 2

27 Oct , 2014  

Bayonetta 2 delivers a much needed punch to the exclusive Wii U library. More…

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Review: The Legend of Korra

22 Oct , 2014  

Played on PS4

Platinum Game’s video game adaptation of The Legend of Korra offers a mild distraction, and nothing else. More…

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Review: PlayStation TV

20 Oct , 2014  

Is it worth picking up Sony’s oddball $99 box?

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Review: The Walking Dead Season One

16 Oct , 2014  

Played on PS4 (Also Available on Xbox One)

Telltale Games’s classic first season of The Walking Dead has finally arrived on current-gem consoles. More…

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Review: Sleeping Dogs – Definitive Edition

14 Oct , 2014  

Played on PC (Also available on PS4 / Xbox One)

Two years after it’s initial release, is the Definitive Edition of Sleeping Dogs worth picking up? More…

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The Classicist – Gunstar Heroes (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive)

10 Oct , 2014  

Played via Steam on PC (Also available on PS2, PS3, 360, Wii)

Humans have an inherent fascination with chaos. More…

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Review: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

6 Oct , 2014  

Played on PS4

Shadow of Mordor is one of the very best of 2014, thus far.

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Review: Hyrule Warriors

1 Oct , 2014  

After coming out of left field, does this oddball Zelda-themed version of Dynasty Warriors pay off? More…

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The Classicist – Harvest Moon (SNES)

26 Sep , 2014  

Available digitally on Wii & Wii U

To some degree, games cannot be divorced from their environments. More…