End of Summer TV Binge

7 Aug , 2014 | Scott Tremper  

As summer winds down, new seasons and new shows will start popping up on television. But what should you watch until that happens? Here’s a few binge-worthy selections that you may have missed, not heard of, or need to re-watch.


1. Battlestar Galactica


Often hailed as the greatest show ever to be created (mostly by myself and my college roommate), Battlestar Galactica is brilliant television. A clever show containing deep political, family, and social drama that is tightly contained in a fun science fiction action wrapper. Focused on the survivors of humanity stranded on the remaining “battleship” of the future’s intergalactic fleet, the show lets up watch as a variety of characters, including Gaius Baltar – the single greatest character ever created, try to find a new world to call home. It’s smarter and more developed that any other show in it’s genre, and one helluva great time. The single season prequel, Caprica, and various one-shot movies related to the series are also wonderful and add to the mythology of the series.

How to watch: Currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant.


2. Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights was a show that everyone told me to watch and I skipped until recently. It’s a shame I didn’t watch it when it was airing, as greater viewership would’ve extended it’s short-lived lifespan. The show ran for five seasons, but only one season was a full network 22 episodes – the rest are 13-15 episodes each. Taking place in football-loving Texas, the show follows high school football coach Eric Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler in his Emmy-award winning role, and the inevitable drama that follows him and his players and he tries to kickstart a football program. I have no interest in sports, yet blew through all five seasons in a few weeks. It’s up there with Battlestar Galactica and Breaking Bad as one of my favorite shows of all time. Character development is thoughtful and fun to watch as the players grow up, and Chandler’s character is continuously excellent. Texas forever.

How to watch: Currently streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant.


3. The O.C.


The O.C. will forever be one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I have no shame in admitting that I’ve watched the full series many times, and always enjoy it. Following the lives of a wealthy Orange County family who take in a juvenile delinquent from a less than stellar part of greater Los Angeles, the show is pure teen drama from start to finish. The series introduced a lot of successful young actors, and even more indie bands that rose to fame after having their music featured in the show. It’s not the easiest show to track down, but you’ll have a blast.

How to watch: Pretty much only available on DVD – we’d recommend The Complete Series with it’s widescreen presentation of the first season.


4. Six Feet Under


Six Feet Under is an odd show in that while it was a successful HBO series, it seems that a lot of people haven’t even heard of it. Those that have are constantly swearing by it and recommending it to others. And with good reason too – it’s an excellent series. Based around a family that runs a funeral home, each episode opens with a death that will be the focus of that episode. Of course there are character story arcs that go across the series, but it’s unique in always keeping you grounded that these people have a business to run and sometimes that takes precedence. Starring a pre-Dexter Michael C. Hall and pre-Parenthood Peter Krause, acting is phenomenal all around, and I’ve yet to see a series finale that tops this show.

How to watch: Currently streaming on HBO GO and Amazon Prime Instant.


There’s four shows that I love that can easily fill the remaining time until the next season of Arrow kicks off. Let us know in the comments what your favorite shows to binge watch are!


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