Five Shows To Watch This Fall

17 Sep , 2014 | Scott Tremper  

With the fall TV season approaching rapidly, here’s a few shows I’m excited to watch.In fact, a couple shows that would’ve made this list have already begun – the final season of Sons of Anarchy and Boardwalk Empire – so I figured it was time to layout a few shows you should keep your eyes peeled for.


1. Gotham – September 22nd


There’s few things in life that I’m a total sucker for. These include comic books and The O.C., and here we have the star of that show leading a new series about Batman’s home city of Gotham, years before the caped crusader took to the streets. Ben McKenzie stars as a young James Gordon, before his inevitable rise to commissioner and quiet relationship with Batman. We’ll see Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, as a child in his formative years, ¬†as well as the growth of individuals that will lead to be the villain’s in DC’s most famous comic book city. The casting looks spot on, so this most definitely tops my list of shows to watch this fall.


2. Parenthood – September 25th


Parenthood was one of those shows that people had told me to watch for years, and I only just started catching up. And I mean really catching up – I’ve almost watched all five seasons in the last month or so. It comes from Jason Katims, the genius that ran Friday Night Lights for it’s short-lived series, and is easily the best depiction of family drama I’ve seen on TV. It covers topics from hard-hitting things like disabilities, abortion, and divorce, as well as celebrations like pregnancy, graduation, and marriage. The cast is fantastic, and the recurring guest characters are some of the best I’ve seen – shout out to Ray Romano. The sixth and final season starts soon, so get caught up on the first five seasons now – they’re all on Netflix.


3. The Flash – October 7th


Arrow was a surprise to me when it first started a couple of years ago, and it keeps getting better – it’s one of the few shows I try to watch live on TV. Now that the same team has created a pseudo-spinoff series featuring Barry Allen, or The Flash, I’m excited to have another fun comic book show to watch. The character was briefly introduced in the last season of Arrow, so I already know I like the actor playing Barry and the direction they’re taking his character. It will be interesting to see his more “fantastical” abilities used, since the Green Arrow is certainly a more, grounded and realistic portrayal, and it should be fun for the inevitable cross-over episodes.


4. The Affair – October 12th


Honestly, I don’t really know much about The Affair, but it has me intrigued for several reason. The first reason is the premise – I’m curious to see how long they can keep a show running, and keep the audience engaged, when the concept revolves around adultery. It has to eventually spill out, and what happens after that? The second reason I want to watch this is the cast. Dominic West owned The Wire. Ruth Wilson stole the show in Luther. And Joshua Jackson was in The Mighty Ducks and Dawson’s Creek. What an oddball lineup, in a secrecy driven, adult drama.


5. Constantine – October 24th


The final show on my list is Constantine. This show really has me interested, mostly in seeing how the final product will be executed. It’s coming from a comic for adults, had an R-rated movie based on the property, and is now being neutered down to be an NBC network television show. The character’s signature smoking habit, which became a massive comic book arc and basis for the film, has been removed, and I just wonder how much they’ll be able to get away with in regards to a more family friendly demon hunter. I haven’t seen any footage for the show yet, but the lead actor does look pretty spot on for the main role. Crossing my fingers – like I said earlier, I have a weak spot for comic book properties.


Well that’s my list of shows I’m excited for. Did I miss something you’re gonna be digging into? Let me know in the comments below.


Scott Tremper

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